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Identity Motivated Living™
is an expression that embodies the essence of the Christian life. Jesus Christ comes into us to dwell, creating in us new life, a new creation, and a new nature. Power wells up from this new nature, motivating us to good works out of love for God. Our new identity comes from the Father; we have Jesus living in us always; and the Holy Spirit empowers us to be more and more like Christ.
Jesus uses the term, “...I am,” to reference himself in John 8:58. Thus, the acronym I. M. Living refers to “Christ in us the hope of Glory.”
Dr. Maurice E. Wagner embraced this as a slogan for the unique concepts he discerned during his 60 years of ministry.


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Spontaneous Thanksgiving to God
in Every Situation, Stimulates Spiritual Growth

By Maurice E. Wagner, Th.M.,Ph.D.

Thanksgiving seems to be spoken less and less in our society. This is something of which a Christian should be aware, It is powerful in changing anger into peace when it is God focused.

A simple transaction takes place when we are truly thankful for a gift. We take possession of whatever the give may be when we express thanksgiving. The gift is ours; it no longer belongs to the giver. The giver wanted us to have the token of love, so our thanks is a way of returning the love gesture.

We are instructed in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 to be grateful to God in everything. When we can be thankful to God for the pleasant things, that ‘s easy. But to be thankful for the trying, the painful, the difficult, is not so easy. Being thankful for our hardships means that we take the hardship as a developmental exercise in our companionship with the living God. As an athlete puts his body under extreme stress for development, we take our stressful time as a way of growing spiritually to become more useful to God as an adult spiritually.

These studies should be very helpful to those who study them to become more fulfilled in their Christian life whether or not they can measure their own spiritual growth.
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